PATH 2016

architects PATH 2016 Program

Dear Firm Leaders,

We are proud to release the third installment of AIA Portland’s architects PATH program this fall!

We invite you to participate in the 2016 program by nominating architects from your firm, licensed less than ten years, to attend this immersive two-day forum designed to provide your rising leaders with knowledge and insight that will expand their perspective and capabilities as young architects in your practice and our communities.

We viewed the success of the previous two installments as a reason to ensure that the format, content and experience of architects PATH remained relevant to your professional environment and the needs of our next generation of practice leaders. To this end, our leadership team, presenters and past participants have worked to ensure that architects PATH brings the highest level of professional expertise to Portland with the goal of capturing the very best content of our previous sessions and condensing these into a high-energy, two-day event at the Center for Architecture.

Our leadership sessions will include Firm and Business Strategies, Teambuilding, Law and Ethics and Storytelling. We are pleased to bring national experts Hugh Hochberg, Victoria Beach and Meg Winch back to Portland to present these essential topics and engage your next generation of firm leadership.

We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to enhance the experience and knowledge of young architects through your firm’s participation in architects PATH.


Robert Hoffman, AIA
AIA Portland Executive Vice-President / CEO

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Day 1, Session 1 | Firm and Business Strategy
September 15, 2016 | 
Hugh Hochberg, the Coxe Group

This session explores the relationship between aspiration and reality in the management of an architectural practice. Attendees will learn how to define and discuss the guiding principles of a practice, and will learn how to evaluate the impact these principles have on the financial performance of practice.

Our Firm and Business session will emphasize the role that a firm can play in the development of an architect and, in-turn, the role an individual can play within the larger firm.

The aim of this architects’ PATH session is to prepare young architects for the discussions that come with their increased role in architectural practice management.

Day 1, Session 2 | Team Building
September 15, 2016 | 1PM-5PM 

Hugh Hochberg, the Coxe Group

The increased complexity in all aspects of practice will require people of different backgrounds and expertise to come together effectively and efficiently. This session will explore how people listen, learn, and understand each other, all toward the objective of expanding participants’ ability to collaborate and to capitalize on individuals’ strengths.

About Hugh Hochberg
Hugh is recognized as a pioneering force in management consulting for professional service firms, Hugh Hochberg credits his success, at least in part, to a short attention span.! “I’m interested in a lot of different things. I like change — different people, different firms, different issues. That’s what makes consulting a good fit for me.”
Hugh recognized a passion for architecture and design at an early age. After earning a B.S. and a B.Arch. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he started his own architecture and planning firm. During an economic downturn, he took the opportunity to go to graduate school — earning an MBA from Harvard. After the pomp and circumstance, he re-entered the design world in a management capacity.
After some time, Hugh left the structured office life in favor of consulting. He joined The Coxe Group in 1976, became a partner, and has never left.

Day 2, Session 1 | Law and Ethics
September 16 | 8AM-12PM

Victoria Beach, Chair-emeritas AIA National Ethics Council

This session will challenge young architects to critically examine a broad range of professional, legal, business, and ethical problems that they will likely face in a typical architectural practice. Our emerging leaders will immerse themselves in case-studies describing actual experiences of an architect and will also engage in thought experiments to challenge their moral reasoning.

Law and Ethics will challenge each PATH Nominee to critically examine a broad range of professional, legal, business, and personal ethical issues they are likely to face during their own careers. Actual case studies will lead to a discussion about ethics surrounding obtaining commissions, project organization, construction costs, specialized practice, aesthetic agendas, professional codes and roles, impacts of technologies, and contracts.

About Victoria Beach
Victoria earned her BA in Political Philosophy and Econornics from Yale and MArc from Harvard, where
she taught building and landscape design. history, theory, and ethics. She writes and speaks about architectural ethics, serves on the AIA National Ethics Council, and is the sole architect to serve as Harvard’s Ethics Center Faculty Fellow. Victoria is principal of an architecture, landscape, and furniture design practice and won the 2008 AIA Young Architect Award. She founded Design Foundations, a nonprofit matching aspiring architects with pro bono projects in under-served communities and was recently elected to the City Council of Carmel, California.

Day 2, Session 2 | Storytelling
September 16 | 1PM-5PM
Meg Winch, Communication Resources

This half-day session covers the range of communication skills design professionals need to be successful in winning and delivering work, including interpersonal, presentation, and writing skills. In an interactive session, participants will learn how to improve how they listen across a variety of contexts, how to deliver messages to individuals, small groups, and large audiences, and how they write documents important the success of their firms and their projects.

About Meg Winch
Meg Winch is President of Communication Resources Northwest and holds a BA from the University of Washington and an MS from Purdue University. She has been teaching and writing about communication skills in the A/E/C industry for more than 30 years. She brings experience from winning interviews, late night proposal processes, and mediation and partnering events to help participants become more effective communicators. She works in both the public sector for county, state, and federal agencies and with private sector architects, engineers, and contractors from across the US and Canada. With a specialization in helping teams win and execute work in a streamlined, lean manner, Meg will deliver a dynamic program full of valuable tools for professionals at any level.


The PATH program is an excellent tool for emerging architects to expand their knowledge and perspectives. Every session was inspiring, motivating and challenging. The presenters encouraged each person to become a more effective communicator and leader in our profession. Working in small groups throughout the program helped to build teamwork, share ideas and make strong connections with other architects. PATH also provides an effective avenue to understand the bigger picture of architecture – in terms of social responsibility, economic impacts, community involvement and sustainability. I would highly recommend the program to any young architect who wants to grow professionally and personally in their careers.” – Matt Jacoby, AIA