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In the CFA Gallery

December 18, 2016

Open to the public now through February 2017 | M-F 10AM-5PM 
The Center for Architecture | 403 NW 11th Avenue, Portland

Join us for the Opening Night Reception!
First Thursday, January 5 from 5:30 to 8:30 pm

“Architects are pubic health workers. We have a partnership – public health professionals and architects and planners. Our minds have to talk because we have an influence on America’s public health that we’re only now beginning to grasp.”
Rear Admiral Boris Lushniak
Acting US Surgeon General 2014

The second in a series of exhibitions demonstrating how architecture and design contribute to the quality of life in our communities, Designing for Wellness focuses on the ways that well-designed environments can have positive impacts on health.

The exhibit highlights designs that incorporate designing for well-being principles. It demonstrates the connections between design and health over a range of different project types based on the AIA’s Six Approaches to Achieving Health through the Built Environment.

Visit the CFA website for additional information on events held throughout the exhibition.


Exhibition sponsored by Portland State University School of Architecture, Clark Kjos Architects, & YR&G