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Yassir Baza Designer / Architectural Intern
Portland, Oregon
Mar, 20
David Cabanzo Architecture Student at Portland State University
Portland, Oregon
Mar, 17
Carlie Douglas Aspiring Architect with a Variety of Experience Looking to Relocate
Anchorage, Alaska
Mar, 09
John Michael Power Electronics Design Engineer
West Chester, Ohio
Mar, 06
Ryan Byrne Design Professional (6+ yrs)
Relocate to Bend, OR, United States
Mar, 04
Michael Wireman-Nothwang Your Next Interview Candidate - Experienced Oregon Architect
Portland, Oregon
Mar, 01
United States
Feb, 19
Nathan Korol Graduate Teaching Fellow & Architectural Designer
Portland, Oregon
Feb, 19
Maya Krolikowski Graduate Research Fellow & Intern Architect
Portland, OREGON
Feb, 17
Maab Mohammed Architectural Intern
Portland, OREGON
Feb, 14
Kevin Hein Experienced Intern Architect
Portland, Oregon
Feb, 12
Emily Malloy Architectural Intern
Portland, Oregon
Feb, 12
Philip Zwettler Architectural Designer, Furniture Designer, Consultant, Fabricator.
Portland, Oregon
Feb, 10
Kendra Shippy Interior & Architectural Designer
Downtown Portland, Oregon
Feb, 05
Nicholas Hoch Graduate Architect + Urban Designer
Portland, Oregon
Feb, 02
Emanuel Huber-Feely Graduating Bachelor of Architecture Student
Knoxville, Tennessee
Jan, 20
Christopher Miranda Intern Architect & Designer
Portland, OR
Jan, 04
Tanner Svoboda Experienced Furniture and Interior Designer
Portland, Oregon
Jan, 04
Rusty Muyuela Designer
Vancouver, Washington
Dec, 30
Bonnie Skolfield Intern Architect + Interior Design
Portland, Oregon
Dec, 24