Hunter Kirkland

Collaborative Architectural Designer Last Updated: July 13, 2017 (about 1 month ago)

I recently graduated with my Master's degree in architecture with a focus in urban design from the University of Oregon in Portland.

I am passionate about design and the role it plays in a brighter more inclusive future. I believe that architecture is the mother of all arts and as such plays a vital role in the wellbeing and happiness of all who interact with it.

As a young architectural designer I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings and roles. I have worked on projects in all stages of design. I have a passion for diagramming and conveying complex information in simple, clean, understandable ways.

Moving forward I hope to be in and engaging and collaborative environment geared toward continuous learning and exploration where I can positively contribute both my firm and the well being of the city.

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Master's of Architecture @ University of Oregon in Portland
Sep 2015 — Jun 2017
focus in Urban Design
Bachelor of Arts in Architecture @ Clemson University
Jul 2010 — Apr 2014
Music Minor


Intern Designer @ Fat Pencil Studio
May 2016 — Dec 2016
I worked on digital models, graphic presentations, made software tutorials, renderings, and blog posts. I was able to work with clients ranging from PBOT to lawyers.
Intern Architect @ Stevens & Wilkinson
Jan 2015 — May 2016
I worked on construction documents, physical models, digital models, and renderings (mixed media and digital). I was able to contribute to a piano show room and event space, a college dormitory and dining hall, and a courthouse.

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