David Joshua "Josh" Plager, RA, NCARB

Broadly Experienced Architect Last Updated: August 2, 2017 (17 days ago)


Broadly Experienced Architect with over 25 years designing, permitting, constructing, and managing hundreds of private and public sector works, from concept to enjoyment... so far!

Site/building architectural* services offered:

  • investigation, evaluation, consultation, advice
  • planning studies/designs/drawings/specifications
  • special/technical consultant selection/coordination
  • code/regulation compliance/government review assistance
  • building information modeling (BIM), augmented/virtual realities
  • bid document and client/contractor agreement assistance
  • contract administration(s)/construction observation

* US board certified with Architect registrations in US states as required by laws

Markets served:

  • residential: condo high rise, low income/luxury apartment, townhouse, single family dwelling, etc.
  • in-patient healthcare: hospital surgery, autopsy, exam, office, dietetic, IT, HR, MEP services
  • out-patient healthcare: clinical, medical office, assisted living, veteran home evaluations
  • industrial: small to extreme scale photo-voltaic manufacturing, data center, winery
  • institutional: primary, secondary, high education schools, rec centers, dorms
  • justice: juvenile/maximum security prisons
  • commercial: malls, retail, restaurant
  • civic: arena, stadium

Permits obtained in CA, OR, WA jurisdictions to construct:

  • assembly, business, educational, factory, hazardous, industrial, retail, residential, storage uses w/in
  • type-I, II, II IV and V stand alone to mixed use structures from 1/4 mile long to 240 feet high International works: factory, trade/flight school, highway/railway, airport, border crossing

Domestic public works: transit, civic, education, healthcare

Contracts: US IDIQ, MATOC, Minor; AIA/AGC families; custom

Software: revit, word, excel, bluebeam, in-design, hosted services, etc.



University of California, Berkeley BA Architecture, College of Environmental Design, 1985 – 1990

Activities and Societies: Sigma Alpha Mu - Fraternal Society

Harvard High School: art & european history, language, religion, mathematics, architecture, 1979 - 1985

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