Philip Zwettler

Architectural Designer, Furniture Designer, Consultant, Fabricator. Last Updated: February 9, 2017 (10 months ago)

An Architectural Designer with 15+ years of experience, my past projects ranged from medical TI’s and storage buildings to high-end condominiums and award winning office renovations. I have had my hand in all design and construction stages of many projects – working with Holst Architecture required this, as the attention to detail for every project, whether historic or modern, single-family residential or commercial was of high importance. Such projects such as the Clinton Condominiums, Belmont Lofts, and the AIA Center for Architecture required as much attention for the casework as for the groundwork. Considerations of time, materials, purpose, craft, and client are always at the forefront of architectural design, as the skills required to balance all of them will be rigorously challenged. I have extensive and sometimes unique experience in dealing with the various jurisdictional entities and requirements: from Land Use Review or Historic Preservation meetings, through the permitting process at BDS, and even participating in City Council hearings for clients.


I currently do freelance architectural design and permit work primarily for residential projects, and consult on other projects ranging in size. A current design focus is on furnishings, taking a step down in scale from architecture yet increasing creative detailing. I’ve designed, fabricated, and installed staircases, cabinetry, museum displays, and many furniture pieces - in every case, planning and attention to detail isn’t something that is added, but required for successful completion. Any success within this range of project scales can be attributed to approaching each with the same consideration: understand the purpose of need, utilize experience and precedence, and be willing to experiment in order to learn.

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