Talal Almarzouk

Intern Architect & Designer Last Updated: August 14, 2017 (5 days ago)

A life-long lover of the arts, I found myself fascinated by the creative process and the way designs come to fruition at an young age. It was that initial childhood curiosity that drove me to enroll in the Architecture program at Portland State University.

At Portland State University my love for, to put it simply, designing things was first introduced to the complex nuances of modern urban planning and architecture. It has been through my university pursuits and various international work experiences, that I have grasped the power of being an effective communicator; for what good is a great idea if you lack the capability to clearly transfer your vision into another’s mind.

Tackling the complexities posed by the times we live in, be they sustainability, efficiency or the like, with an artists touch and a scientists problem-solving skills is where I find myself most at home. It's in that intersection of ideas where I would like to work and further myself and future clients' projects.

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Architecture @ Portland State University
Sep 2013 — Jun 2017


Intern Architect & Designer @ Saudi Holland Bank
Jun 2016 — Sep 2017

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